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Best Exercise Machine to Lose Weight at Home

Posted by Adam Poehlmann on May 15, 2019 4:15:33 PM
Adam Poehlmann

 Want to learn what the best exercise machine to lose weight is? You're in the right place. Fat loss is by far the most common reason people workout. I mean, that’s probably why you’re here, right? Even if fat loss isn’t your primary goal, odds are it’s still very important to you. As you may have heard before, the best thiHome_DROA6140_Troy_2018v2ng you can do for yourself when it comes to reaching your fat loss goals is be consistent. 

Being consistent comes after a good amount of preparation. In this case, preparation looks like having equipment ready for use in your home gym. The extra time commitment that it takes to drive to the commercial gym, warm up, get your workout in, shower, and drive back keeps you from being consistent. We want to eliminate all that extra hassle so you can be consistent. So, your home gym serves as your consistent haven of fat loss, but what to do? Based on what you’ve heard over the years, you may be thinking that having a treadmill, bike, rower, or a combination of the three is going to be best for shredding that extra fat.

It’s not.

Believe it or not, having strength training equipment in your home gym is going to be your best bet for fat loss. Let me explain.

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AdamAdam is a fitness professional, baseball fan, and cookie fanatic based in Fort Collins, Colorado. After hanging up the cleats, he found a strong interest in the human body and how it performs. Since then, Adam has been transforming lives through fitness in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. As an ACE CPT and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, he is constantly moved to help people improve in all walks of life.

Topics: Weight loss, Strength Training, fat loss


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