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Health and Wellness: Exercise as Medicine

Posted by Adam Poehlmann on Oct 29, 2019 3:49:41 PM
Adam Poehlmann


Body, mind, and spirit. These are the things we previously discussed in our Exercise as Medicine Series. If you didn’t happen to read about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise, you can find an overview here in today’s article, as well as more in depth detail on each element in previous articles.

When I was no longer playing the sport I loved, I found great benefit in exercise. It served as my therapy, my escape, and so much more. Even after the emotional and psychological wounds from leaving my sport began to heal, I continued to notice benefit both in my body, between my ears, and within my spirit. You see, exercise is so much more than looking good. It’s more than getting bigger arms, losing some weight, or defining your abs. And that is what keeps me loving health and fitness day after day.


In the first article of our Exercise as Medicine series, we touched on the cognitive benefit of exercise which happens

 to be one of my favorites. Working at a computer with little change of environment can be challenging at times, and it can take a toll on productivity. Luckily, exercise can completely turn that around. Researchers’ findings have been showing us that regular exercise can improve your ability to recall, memorize, and learn brand new things. Boosts of productivity have been heavily correlated with exercise as well. Heck, why else would Japanese culture still use exercise before their work day? In my personal experience I have found that I strongly benefit from frequent spurts of movement throughout the day. Short and frequent walks, band workouts, as well as stretching and mobility sessions keep me sharp and ready to continue getting things done and doing them well. You can do the same for yourself by making the simple goal to add 500-1000 steps to your day every two weeks. If you average 4,000 steps daily, make it 5,000 next week and build from there. Get up from your workspace frequently, go on walks after meals, and watch your brain’s processing ability improve.

Do you want to learn more about how regular exercise improves your mental, emotional, and physical health? Download part three of our Health and Wellness Series, Exercise as Medicine!

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AdamAdam is a fitness professional, baseball fan, and cookie fanatic based in Fort Collins, Colorado. After hanging up the cleats, he found a strong interest in the human body and how it performs. Since then, Adam has been transforming lives through fitness in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. As an ACE CPT and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, he is constantly moved to help people improve in all walks of life.

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