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Benefits of a Vibration Training Workout

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on Oct 9, 2015 3:00:00 PM

What are the Benefits of a Workout?

Vibration training is relatively new to the gym circuit and isn’t yet as widely known as exercises with other pieces of fitness equipment. That said, the science behind vibration training is relatively sound and can definitely enhance a regular workout - especially for those who only have time for short sessions.

What is Vibration Training?

Vibration training is, simply speaking, a form of exercise done on a platform that vibrates. While it vibrates it may also move up and down slightly, generally ranging between 1 and 2 millimeters. The variations happen anywhere from 25 to 50 times per second, depending on how the plate you’re standing on is adjusted. The theory is that the vibrations send frequencies into the muscles, forcing them to adapt more precisely in order to maintain balance and perform a specific movement.

The Benefits of Vibration Training Workouts

So what are the actual benefits? They vary depending on your age and physical ability. Older exercisers, especially those who don’t necessarily have the strength or mobility for traditional exercise, may find benefit from very light exercise as the vibration itself will add to the stimulation of the muscles. This is especially important in individuals who may simply be out of shape or who are struggling with diseases like Parkinson’s.

Studies published in the “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” journal also claim that the whole-body vibrations can have a positive reaction in decreasing a person’s risk of developing osteoporosis. The frequencies are believed to strengthen an individual’s bone density - an aspect that might make vibration training especially beneficial to women.

The average exercise enthusiast will find a myriad of benefits as well, ranging from increased blood circulation to increased muscle strength. The increased circulation will ultimately aid in muscle recovery after a workout. Many who use vibration training claim they are not as sore after a difficult workout and find the plate to cause little impact on their joints and ligaments.

Truth? Vibration training has a number of benefits but the marketing you see today often claims you can get the same benefit in 10 minutes as you would in 60. While these types of claims are not generally accurate, especially in terms of cardiovascular conditioning, that is not to say that vibration training is not useful or without merit.

And the good news? If you love vibration training and find it beneficial, you can add one to your home gym. Ask an expert at Push Pedal Pull if the vibration training is right for you and your needs. We’re always glad to help!

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