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The Best Home Exercise Equipment of 2015

Posted by Lynn Fragetta on Oct 2, 2015 5:19:24 PM
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The Best Home Exercise Equipment of 2015

Your physical fitness levels and personal health are important to you. Getting a daily workout is paramount. If you can’t hit the street for a run or head out to the gym, you enjoy workout out in the comfort of your home gym. So what do you really need to have to ensure a great workout? The right selection of gym equipment is a great place to start. You don’t need everything - you just need the right things.

Cardio Equipment

The best type of cardio equipment is the kind you’ll actually use. While treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and even rowing machines have slightly different uses and benefits, we know you’ll be drawn primarily to one specific type.

  • When it comes to treadmills, our favorites are the Precor TRM 425, the True PS100, and the Precor TRM 445. Check out our treadmill guide for more info on each.
  • Our favorite ellipticals are the Precor 222EFX, the Diamondback 910Ef, the Precor 225 EFX, the Inspire C52 Cardio Strider 2, and the Precor 447 EFX. Check out our elliptical guide for more info on each of these.
  • Home rowing machines vary in design and style but some customer favorites include the Water Rower Gx (which seems to be budget friendly) and the LifeCORE LCR100 Rower (which folds up and stores easily).
  • Stationary bikes are great for those who want to emulate an outdoor workout while recumbent bikes are better for those who need a lower impact workout. Both are effective and your choice will be based on your individual physical needs.

Strength Training Equipment

This is where things get fun and can vary, but you’ll want to be careful you aren’t overspending on things you don’t actually need. Some of the most popular include:

  • Adjustable dumbells are great for those who want to use free weights but can’t afford an entire rack and collection. There are now several models out there, which can be safely adjusted by adding or removing pieces instead of taking up two walls in your home.
  • Resistance bands are great for those who travel a lot and don’t necessarily want to deal with bulky weights. The benefit is that the bands are inexpensive and come in a variety of weight tensions. They can also be easily and safely mounted to just about any door system, making them perfect for someone who might be on-the-go.
  • Core wheels are perfect for those who want to exercise their abdominal groups. You’ve probably seen a half dozen or more variations, but you basically roll the wheel on the floor while using your core to keep yourself on balance.
  • An exercise ball can serve a dual purpose - strength training (especially of the core) and also some stretching and stabilization exercises.
  • If you want something a little fancier and more “Cross Fit” for your home gym, consider a TRX strap. You can mount it to your ceiling or to a doorway and can do a myriad of strength training exercises that add up to a complete total body workout.

Some of these are oldies but goodies; a few are newer to the workout circuit. Visit your closest Push Pedal Pull store to look around or talk to one of our experts. We can help you with machines, accessories, or even give you tips for deciding what will work best in your home!

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