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5 Steps to Creating an Affordable Home Gym

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on Oct 2, 2017 1:30:00 PM

When most people think about setting up a home gym, their initial thoughts might picture a weight bench with free weights and dumbbells in a dark, dank basement or off to one side in a cluttered and dusty garage. While these are certainly areas in which you could design a home gym, you will want to give them a modern update to get the most out of your workouts.

Step 1: Selecting the Home Gym Space

The first step in creating an affordable home gym is selecting the space in your home where you want to design and build your gym. Ideally, you will want to pick an area that offers sufficient openness and room for exercise equipment.

You will want to avoid using a room that has clutter, like items tossed on book shelves or on or around your entertainment center. Sure, the thought of setting up a home gym in your living room so you can watch TV and work out at the same time might sound like a great idea.

However, while you are working out, your mind can get distracted and start thinking about other things, like noticing there is three inches of dust on your TV or the books on your book shelves need to be reorganized.

When your brain starts thinking about other tasks, it will make getting through workouts more challenging, and they may even seem somewhat stressful. If you do choose to use part of your living room for your home gym, just make sure to clean it and keep it organized prior to workouts so you do not get distracted.

In addition, never use part of your bedroom for your home gym. Just like the distractions from clutter in other areas of the home, you will find it difficult to sleep when you are staring at your workout equipment. Your mind will go through what you did or did not do—and maybe you should get up and get in a few more sets.

When you do not get sufficient sleep, it affects your motivation to work out, and you will start skipping days. Eventually, the equipment becomes a “catch-all” for clothes, books, games, or whatever else gets tossed over it until it is buried. This is why you will find so many used treadmills and exercise bikes for sale online.

Step 2: Designing and Building the Home Gym Space

Home Gym Assault Treadmill

Once you have decided where you want your home gym inside your home, the next step is, of course, to design it and build it. Start off by making a list of what items you need and items you want.

Ask yourself what is the bare minimum setup with which you could be satisfied, and what would be your ultimate home gym configuration. This will help you establish a budget and determine what you can initially afford. Some people start with a few pieces of equipment, and then add more later to slowly build their ultimate home gym.

You will also want to think about the décor of the room, from lighting options to wall colors and flooring. Choosing the right flooring is important because you want to select flooring that will support the weight of the equipment and not get damaged. If you are not updating the flooring, another option is to get heavy-duty exercise mats that are designed for home fitness equipment and which will also absorb movements and light impacts.

For wall colors, you will want any color that is bright and vibrant. Many people opt for various shades of white, while others will go to vibrant pastels or lively earth tones. Just choose a color that you like that feels calming and, at the same time, which energizes you to work out.

If you have access to windows, allow natural sunlight to get indoors to supplement lighting. Otherwise, you will want to choose light bulbs that simulate natural sunlight. There are plenty of LED and fluorescent bulbs that will do this. Make sure the bulbs are protected and out of the way of equipment so you do not accidentally hit them while working out.

Step 3: Choosing Home Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

Women Exercising In A Home Gym

This is where the fun begins because now you get to think about what pieces of equipment you want to place in your home gym. A key consideration is the amount of space you have available. The last thing you want to do is cram as many pieces of equipment as you can into your space.

This is never a good idea because it makes it difficult to access the equipment—not to mention, with some pieces, you may find you are not able to fully utilize every feature because there is not enough space available.

For smaller rooms, look at equipment that has a compact design or which can be folded up when not in use for easier storage. These types of equipment design will allow you to still have multiple pieces and just take out the machine you intend to use while the other one(s) are stored out of the way.

You do have a wide range of equipment options, including:

• Treadmills
• Ellipticals
• Bikes
• Vibration
• Rowing Machines
• Adaptive Motion
• Home Gyms

To get the most out of your workouts, it is recommended to choose equipment that will allow you to get in cardio training and weight training. From exercise bikes for sale to elliptical machines and rowing machines, you have a wide array of different types of equipment for cardio workouts.

For weight and strength training workouts, you will want to look at all-in-one home gyms, weight benches, dumbbells, and other such equipment that will help you build and tone your muscles. Most people get a home gym first because it offers a wide array of workout options, and then rent different types of cardio equipment so they get a variation between equipment rather than being stuck with a piece they grow tired of.

Step 4: Purchase Exercise Equipment for Your Home Gym

Women Exercising In A Home Gym

Once you know what type of home fitness equipment you want in your home gym, you should make arrangements to purchase it, have it delivered, and get it set up. The sooner you get it into your home, the sooner you will start using it.

Getting all the equipment you want can be a major investment. Many of us do not have several thousands of dollars to spend on each piece of equipment upfront. Fortunately, you do have financing options, like those offered by us, here at Push Pedal Pull, that can help get specific pieces of equipment for around $20 a month or less, depending on promotions, rebates, and the cost of the machine.

Another option is to explore our selections of pre-owned equipment that offers great value and quality, especially for home gyms. We even offer rentals on equipment, so you are free to try out different machines and types of equipment to find the right ones that work best for your workout routines and which help you achieve your fitness goals.

Step 5: Start Exercising in Your New Home Gym

Now that your home gym is complete, you will want to start using it on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb to follow, especially if you have not exercised in quite some time, is to start by working out two to three times a week for thirty minutes.

The reason you want to do this is to give your body and mind the time to establish a new habit and routine while also avoiding burnout. If you initially make a personal commitment to work out for thirty minutes three times a week, stick with this for a few months, and then you can start working out longer or add other days.

It can also be beneficial to work out in your home gym with a friend, roommate, spouse, or another family member. When you have a “workout buddy,” both of you will find you provide support and encouragement for each other, and it can be easier to stick to your workouts and achieve your goals.

For assistance in selecting the right equipment for your home gym, including new and pre-owned equipment, rentals, and financing options, please feel free to contact Push Pedal Pull at 1.844.574.0270 today!

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