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5 Types of Cardio Equipment Your Home Gym Needs

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on Jun 9, 2017 1:57:00 PM

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Cardio is one of the most vital components of working out. Creating a home gym that supports your ability to boost your cardiovascular health isn't always easy; it takes research and thought before you can determine the right equipment. While you should always start with a one-on-one appointment with a trainer who can show you how to use your new equipment correctly, certain machines are widely suitable for all fit fanatics. Start with these five types of cardio equipment and you just can’t go wrong.


A treadmill lets you walk, jog, or run at a pace that's right for you, and can be an excellent option for those who are too pressed for time for outside walking. An option to set an incline is even better as it offers more resistance for you to work against. It will target multiple muscles at once and have you breaking a sweat in no time.


An elliptical targets your arms and legs at the same time while reducing impact as you move the pedals and handlebars. This equipment option is ideal for people who struggle with arthritis or knee problems because it takes a lot of the pressure off the joints.

Upright Bike

When you’re ready to focus on your legs, an upright bike is the go-to choice. Peddle as hard as you can and you will feel your muscles working in no time. While the motion is similar to the elliptical, you aren't engaging your arms in the same fashion. That's preferable for some individuals. You hold onto the bars instead, letting your legs do the work while targeting your calves, thighs, and glutes.

Rowing Machine

Have you ever tried rowing a watercraft? It takes a considerable amount of upper body strength. A rowing machine mimics this action and helps you gain the strength you need to handle the real thing. You stay seated during the workout, but you still get your heart rate up at the same time. Rowing machines focus on your ability to pull the cord back fully, the leaning forward to let it retract back to its starting position.


Taking the stairs is undoubtedly good for your health. It works everything from your glutes to your core and is as effective as a cardio routine if you do it quickly enough. Mimic that workout at home with a stepmill. The most basic machines simply let you step in place, while more complex machines combine other potential workout styles with stepping or even provide access to audio while you step. The rotational movement works in a similar way to an escalator, providing continuous movement over time.

Add these five types of cardio equipment to your home gym and you’ll be well on your way to having the ideal set up for your workouts. But it's not just about the equipment; don’t forget the accessories, yoga supplies, and strength training equipment! With the right gear, you'll guarantee your ability to gain results without ever leaving home.

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