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Boost Your Workouts with These Six Accessories

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on May 26, 2017 2:02:00 PM


Every minute you spend working out is one well-spent. While large pieces of equipment (like treadmills, ellipticals, and free weight sets) will help you reach your cardio and strength goals, there’s a wealth of other equipment available. From BOSU balls to Precor’s Stretch Trainer, we outline a few of the options right here.


The BOSU Ball professional balance trainer has been on the market for many years but most people view it as a piece of equipment better suited for group classes in gyms. Nothing could be further from the truth. The focus of the BOSU ball is to integrate the entire body, forcing larger groups of muscles to work together to achieve better states of balance and more coordinated joint movement.

TRX Home Kit

Have you seen videos and pictures of TRX workout classes in big box clubs and gyms? With the TRX Home Kit you can achieve the same type of workout intensity in the privacy of your own home. All you need is a solid and sturdy doorway or beam from which to mount your equipment and you’ll be ready to do your own cross-fit style workout.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table

Inversion tables take up very little space and can do a lot to aid you in reaching your goals. The main goal is muscle and joint recovery, but an inversion table can work out rarely-used muscles, too. The inverted position reduces back pain, alleviates soreness in overworked muscle groups, relieves overall stress, strengthens your ligaments, and just plain feels terrific after a long day. You’ll feel wonderful and better recovered, aiding you in better performance workout-after-workout.

Precor C240 Stretch Trainer

Stretching before, after, or in place of a workout will help you to improve your coordination as well as your flexibility. It’s the perfect quick fix for those with busy lives who might not always have time to squeeze in a 30 or 60-minute workout.Boost Your Workout.jpg

People who work out regularly can benefit from the stretch trainer because stretching improves athletic performance. Use it to warm up, cool down, or just lengthen tight muscles.

While seated, you’ll be put through your paces with a stretching regime that is not only effective but that forces you to stay in the safest ergonomic positions possible.

Trigger Point “The Grid” 12” Roller

Foam rolling is an incredible way to relax muscles by releasing fascia, the connective tissue covering the muscles. When the fascia isn’t released, it binds more tightly to your muscle fibers, decreasing mobility. Foam rolling uses your own body pressure to relax the muscles, increase mobility, and even work deeper pressure points. No home gym is complete without one.

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

If you like to track your steps, calories, and workout statistics, you need the Polar Loop Activity Tracker. It comes with heart rate sensors that keep you at the right level of activity without hurting yourself, and will provide you with info on total calories burned at the same time. Use it to run, or use it to record your steps as you go about your day.


Take your workouts and your home gym to the next level with these six incredible accessories. Not sure how to best use these items, or need a one-on-one consult to help you get started? Push Pedal Pull wants to help! Contact us directly for assistance with choosing your best gym products.

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