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Top Fitness Wearables

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on Jul 22, 2014 3:55:14 PM

Fitness wearables are a very hot commodity right now among casual and serious exercisers alike. These accessories are designed to improve your workout experience in a variety of ways, from counting steps and mapping running or cycling routes to tracking the number of calories burned, monitoring your heart rate, and even selecting music based on your current pace. You can then analyze the data where applicable and make adjustments to your regimen in order to reach your fitness goals faster.


If you’re new to the fitness wearables scene and are unsure of which products are right for you, we suggest checking out these basics first:


Activity Trackers

Activity trackers, which typically come in the form of a slim wristband or watch and record your movements throughout the whole day, are the most popular fitness wearables out there. Consequently, there are many different models to choose from, all with slightly different features and price points, so your best bet is to do some research before buying. We recommend starting with the FitBit Flex for a terrific blend of accuracy and affordability, and giving the Misfit Shine a look if minimalism and stylishness are important to you.


Heart Rate Monitors

Monitoring your heart rate during exercise will give you a highly accurate picture of how hard you’re working, how many calories you’re burning, and how fit you are. The Polar FT1 heart rate monitor is an excellent entry-level product that consistently outperforms its low price. Other HRMs worth considering include the Adidas sports bra with built-in sensors or the Intel Smart Earbuds that measure your heart rate via an earpiece and automatically choose songs from your playlist to match your moving pace.


Clothing for Accessories

When you don’t want everyone around you to know that you’re wearing a fitness monitor, we advise purchasing special clothing designed to discreetly carry these accessories. You can buy T-shirts with built-in headphone ports, socks with tiny pockets to house your tracker, and shorts with interior compartments for smartphones equipped with fitness apps.



Want a headband that tracks your body temperature along with heart rate and steps? Need a device to analyze your sun exposure and remind you to apply sunblock? Interested in a product that measures the force, power, and explosive strength of your weight lifting reps? Then be sure to check out the Spree Headband, Neatatmo JUNE, and PUSH device, respectively.


Fitness wearables such as the activity trackers, heart rate monitors, special clothing, and miscellaneous accessories described here obviously won’t make you leaner, stronger, or faster on their own. Nevertheless, they can give you a more accurate overview of your daily exercise efforts and may provide the motivation to persevere when you’d rather quit, so be sure to check them out.

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