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Workout Ideas For Busy Moms

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on May 6, 2013 3:38:53 AM

Fitness Ideas for Busy MomsMother’s Day is fast approaching and we want to celebrate the amazing moms we know. Is there anything more impressive than a mom? Shaping the lives of her children while juggling work, home responsibilities, school demands and more! With all the duties moms face, it’s no wonder that we often hear moms tell us — “I wish I had more time to work out.”


For our fantastic moms, here are some fun ideas we’ve found to help mix fitness into the frantic pace of your day.


Think of your children like weights…that grow.

Inspiration: The Happy Housewife


Moms often weight lift without even thinking about it — they carry and hold their kiddos all the time, especially young children. We loved this post by Amy Welling where she talked about playing with her kids and using their body weight as a form of lifting. Safety first — these are the most precious “weights” you’ll ever hold. In Amy’s post, she shared how as she worked out, her kids’ increasing weight matched her own increased endurance as she became stronger. What a great motivator for building muscle.


Step to it

Inspiration: Workout Mommy


Feeling short on time? When time is of the essence, and a trip to the gym for a long cardio session just isn’t a possibility, look to the benefits of your own house and if you have one, use your staircase. Be careful and stay at a pace you can handle, but take to those stairs like Rocky and get that heart rate up. Looking to increase the difficulty? Add in a weighted vest for an extra challenge. Try a quick stair workout before the kids are up in the morning or use naptime to your advantage.


Fire up the DVD player and your metabolism

Inspiration: Skinny Mom


If “workout video” conjures up images of women in neon spandex and teased hair, it’s time to give videos another chance. Workout DVDs can introduce variety into a home workout and can be a great option for women who can’t make it to their favorite class at the gym. The biggest perk is that the routine is timed, making it easier to fit into an activity packed day. Try yoga, Zumba, Pilates and more! Wondering where to start? Read this round up of the top DVDs by Fitness Magazine.



Find a kid friendly race

Inspiration: Mom Swim Bike Run


An essential part of keeping up a workout routine is motivation. What better dangling carrot to keep you moving than a race that can involve the whole family? Many cities hold races and walks that are open to all ages. From Kids for the Cure to themed runs and mini triathlons, there are several opportunities to get parents and kids moving together, often for a worthy cause. Sit down with your kids and create a workout calendar, circling the race date. Every day pose a new challenge for “training” and work together to achieve your conditioning goals. This is a perfect chance to teach your children a lesson about fitness and perseverance.


What do you think? Will these ideas suit your lifestyle and needs? How do you like to get workouts in while watching little ones? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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