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Fitness Trainer Goes from Skeptic to Believer on 3G Cardio AVT Vibration Machine

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on Feb 14, 2014 4:01:35 PM

Fitness Trainer Terri GoodTerri Good was understandably skeptical about her first encounter with a 3G Cardio Accelerated Vibration Training machine.

The highly respected fitness trainer from Des Moines, Iowa is in tremendous shape and had tried just about every workout or workout machine there is. How is this vibration machine that looks like an oversized, fancy doctor’s office scale going to tire me out, she wondered?

I was extremely curious as to how it could make so tired,

Good said,

and how it could work me out in 15 minutes.

But it truly does completely fatigue you so quickly that you’re really done in a very short time. It just shortens workouts immensely.

Good trains on a 3G Cardio AVT Machine at a fitness studio owned by Doug and Megan Corson. Doug Corson is the director of sales at Push Pedal Pull, which has 14 stores in five states, and Megan is also a respected trainer in Iowa.

If Megan liked (Vibration Training), I knew it had to be something special,

Good said.

I was sold on it the first time I used it. We were practicing doing pushups, one arm at a time.

I’m pretty good at pushups, I hate to brag,

Good added with a laugh.

When Megan demonstrated it to me and asked me to do a 45-second set, I thought it would be a piece of cake.

It was pretty easy for the first eight or nine reps, but I’m telling you what, my muscles fatigued so quickly that I was done soon after that.

Unlike traditional strength training with weights, when performing vibration training the “acceleration” is adjusted instead of the weight load.

When exercising on a vibration training machine, you usually do sets on the platform for 30 seconds, to 1 minute or a little longer. The muscles react to the vibrations and both fast-twitch and slow twitch muscles are all quickly called into action as they’re fatigued almost instantaneously.

It’s interesting to watch people’s faces change after they use (a 3G Cardio Vibration Training Machine) for the first time,

Good said.

We have several very athletic cross-fitters come in to the exercise studio I go to.

They stepped onto it in sort of a cocky way and they were removing their coats and shedding their sweatshirts very quickly. It was pretty funny.

Although exercise is a huge part of Good’s life, she’s been frustrated by hamstring tendinitis that’s limited her running, but stretching on a 3G Cardio Vibration Machine has given her the best relief yet.

Initially, I started using it for myself because I had an injury,

Good said.

I would take therapy in conjunction with using the 3G Cardio AVT machine. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done that alleviated the pain. Every chance I get, I drive across town to train on it.

The vibrations that go through your muscles kind of get everything re-set and back to normal.

While the biggest benefit Good has received from the 3G Cardio Vibration Machine is stretching and massage on her hamstrings, she knows people of many different ages who use it for everything from strength training to helping with some other type of chronic ailment. Exercising on a 3G Cardio Vibration Machine has even been found to stimulate the lymphatic system and help better clean out your system.

I think what’s interesting about the machine is that it’s so versatile,

Good said.

One of the things that Megan and I talked about is that with things like Cross-Fit being so popular, which is all about dynamic movement and speed, this is sort of on the opposite side of the spectrum. You can really use if for stabilization — it’s the other side of the functional workouts that so many people are doing. This is a great way for someone to take it easy on the joints, slow down and just fire the muscles in the position that they’re actually supposed to be in. I think it’s a great product.

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