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Best Machines to Improve Flexibility

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on Mar 17, 2017 3:45:00 PM
There is more to getting a great workout than just lifting a lot of weight. Whether your goal is to bulk up or to lose weight, you will need to improve your flexibility. Improved flexibility helps avoid pulled muscles, back pain, and limited lifting and stretching ability. You want your body to achieve new goals with each workout and having limited flexibility limits your ability. There are several ways you can improve your flexibility but when you really want to see results fast, you will want to use one of these machines.

Stretch Trainerin-home_stretchtrainer_240i_female_demostrating_gluteals_hips_stretch_472x515.jpg

A stretch trainer machine offers a variety of stretching patterns to help improve flexibility from your head to your toes. Using a stretch trainer is a great way to warm up before a workout to make sure your muscles are flexible and ready to work. If you’re looking for an overall stretch to improve flexibility and wake up your muscles, then this is the machine for you.

Suspension Training

Flexibility is always improved when you are suspended in the air and must use a variety of muscle groups to perform certain exercises. A sit up may be somewhat effective in improving flexibility but a suspended, reverse sit up will definitely give you results, fast. Suspension stretching is also great for decompressing the lower back and helping strengthen your core muscles.

Leg Stretch Machine

This machine does exactly what the name implies. You sit and place your legs in the sleeves and stretch your legs. This improves flexibility in the hip flexors, thighs, glutes and calves. This machine is also great for resistance without adding weight as you open and close your legs for a full leg warm up or workout.

Inversion Tableinversion-table.jpg

To avoid back problems, an inversion table is a must have. If you already feel tightness or pain in your back after a workout that means it is time to improve your flexibility and stretch your back. Use the table before or after a workout or even while relaxing in the evening to slowly and effectively improve your flexibility.

The more you stretch and improve the flexibility of your muscles, the better your workouts will be and the less pain you will experience. There’s nothing more disappointing than working to smash through a plateau only to hurt your back or pull a muscle and lose all your momentum. Don’t let that happen to you. Place improving flexibility right at the top of your fitness goals with cardio training.


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