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The Many Advantages of Having Your Own Exercise Equipment

Posted by Push Pedal Pull on Sep 22, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Most of us have done it at some point. After reading about the latest fitness fad, hearing about a trendy new fitness studio from a friend, or maybe even getting a warning from our doctor about shedding a few pounds, we race down to our local gym and commit ourselves to a membership.

At first, we go pretty regularly—three or four times a week—but, before long, we find ourselves going less and less often. We make excuses. “I’m too tired, I’ll go tomorrow,” or “I don’t want to battle with parking tonight,” we tell ourselves. Suddenly it dawns on us that the last time we were at the gym it was a different season—was it before Halloween, or … wait … before Thanksgiving? Who knows?

Home Gym Free Weights & Shows

Gym memberships come with a hefty price tag. At an average cost of $58 per month, many of us will spend $700 a year or more for a gym membership we might rarely use—to say nothing of the fancy athletic wear (lululemon, anyone?) or the $7 smoothies we grab at the gym’s juice bar on our way out. Not surprisingly, at least one study has found that gym memberships are generally a bad investment.

There are so many reasons it just makes sense to have your own exercise equipment. Let’s explore.

Cost Savings

It may seem counterintuitive to some of us that we could save money by purchasing home gym equipment, but let’s do the math. At $700/year (on average), a gym membership adds up over time. Over a 5-year period, you’re looking at $3,500 (assuming membership costs never go up), and that number jumps to $7,000 over 10 years. Given these numbers, it’s not hard to see how, over the course of decades, a person could spend tens of thousands of dollars in gym membership costs alone.

Money Falling Into A Piggy Bank

Conversely, with proper maintenance, commercial-grade gym equipment can last for decades, paying for itself many times over when compared to ongoing gym membership costs.

Choosing used workout equipment can reduce upfront costs even more. An investment of $4,000-$5,000 can easily buy you a quality commercial-grade used elliptical machine plus a multi-functional home gym trainer—and, they’re all yours. Once paid off, you own them for life.


If you can get past the musty smell of dozens or hundreds of bodies sweating copiously in the same space, congratulations. You’ve passed test number one at your typical fitness center. How many of us have grabbed the handle bars of an elliptical trainer only to recoil in disgust at the strangely slimy substance that now coats our hands? Or watched the guy next to us shamelessly walk away from the weight bench that he left drenched in sweat?

Hundreds (or thousands) of people sweat their way through your local fitness center every single month. From athlete’s foot to ringworm, to staph infections, no matter how committed to cleanliness a fitness center is, microorganisms always have the upper hand.

Two Words: This Guy

Is it so much to ask to work out in peace without having to dodge Mr. “I noticed you running on the treadmill …” lurking around every corner?

Standard Gym Guy

Fitness centers are notorious pick-up spots. Sorry to break the news, ladies, but guys are furiously at work writing articles about how to pick up girls at the gym. If getting hit on while standing in a pool of your own sweat isn’t exactly your idea of romantic, a home gym is your best bet.

No Expensive Attire

You know that well-worn sports bra that perfectly conforms to your body—the one with the faded smiling Buddha on the front that you love so much? Or that tattered pair of baggy shorts from college sporting the name of your alma mater?—Go Bruins! You’d never wear them in public, but, in the privacy of your own home, you can wear whatever you darn well please.

The latest athletic wear can be shockingly expensive. Let’s be real. It’s as much for show, these days, as it is about function. Slash your costs and ditch the trendy attire—yet another way a home gym can save you money over time.

Small Home Gym

Personalized Experience

It is so frustrating to have to adjust every piece of equipment you use at the gym each time you use it. Home fitness equipment is your own—the settings are adjusted to your body all the time. No reprogramming cardio equipment or adjusting seat heights on resistance trainers on home equipment. Set it once—and done.

Make It a Family Affair

Sometimes a magical thing happens when we commit to living healthier lives: We inspire our friends and family members to do the same. Invite your friends over for workouts and get your family involved. Commit to working out with your spouse and kids by designating specific workout times on set days of the week.

Kids At A Park Exercising

Kids need time to burn off steam, yet, in the last two decades, schools have increasingly cut back on recess time.1 Exercising with your kids at home is a great way to ensure they get the physical activity they need—and, with childhood obesity having tripled since the 1970s, it’s more important than ever.2

Work Out When You Want

Sure, there are plenty of 24-hour fitness centers around, but who wants to make their way through a dark parking lot at 11 o’clock at night or get ready for work in a gym locker room after a 6 a.m. workout?The convenience of a home gym really is unparalleled. Work out whenever you want in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

No Waiting for Equipment

If you’ve ever found yourself hovering around the treadmills at the gym, waiting to pounce on the next free machine, you’re not alone. Waiting for equipment is common, especially during peak hours at busy gyms. There are only so many machines to go around, after all.

Machine hoggers are an annoying reality of gyms everywhere, and even fitness centers that impose time limits on cardio machines and other equipment aren’t always great about monitoring. With a home gym, you’re always first in line.

It’s Your Time

Between work and family demands, life can get hectic. Your workouts at home are all your own. Put on your favorite tunes, binge watch a few episodes of your favorite show, and work up a good sweat—on your equipment, in your home, on your time.

Invest in Your Health with Home Fitness Equipment

Push Pedal Pull offers an impressive selection of new and pre-owned cardio and strength equipment. Purchase or rent high-quality, commercial-grade equipment, including ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, home gyms, rowers, and more, by trusted names in the industry, including Precor, Life Fitness, and StairMaster. Contact us today to get started or for any questions you may have.





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